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Accurate Vacuum Testing

Puget Construction Services, Inc. offers you vacuum testing, which is the quickest and most accurate way to test the integrity of a manhole. Our workers have 100 years of combined experience and provide you with quality workmanship for every vacuum testing job.

If the manhole in your sewer system does not pass the test, we can find the leak by spraying water on its exterior while still drawing a vacuum.


Once we identify the leak, you can count on us to repair it by applying a quick-setting patching material.


This process creates an effective seal so you won't have to worry about future leaks.

Quick and easy vacuum testing

A vacuum test done by the experienced professionals at PCS provides you with a more effective result than a simple water filtration test.


You can count on the experts at PCS to provide you with effective vacuum testing for sewer manholes. Contact us to schedule your vacuum test today!

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Effective vacuum testing