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Quality Vacuum Truck Services

At Puget Construction Services, Inc., we offer you quality vacuum truck services such as locating, exposing, and tunneling under existing underground utilities. We have six vac trucks and a professional team of highly trained operators ready to meet all your vac truck needs.

  • Clean lines from 1" and up

  • New and existing storm and sewer systems

  • Catch basins

  • Lift stations

  • Oil water separators

  • Detention vaults

  • Root removal available for pipes from 4" to 24"

Efficient storm and sewer cleaning:

With hydro-excavation, we use high-pressure water and a powerful vacuum to remove soil and safely expose underground utility pipes, such as gas and power lines.


This eliminates the need for manual digging and can save you a lot of money in repairs. Contact us today!

Thorough hydro-excavating

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Do you need your sewer line inspected? We also do CCTV video camera inspections.